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Some of our past projects

The Vallone Project

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"We are delighted with the landscaping work that Kevin Price and his team at Rooted Landscaping did for us. The entire experience was wonderful: Kevin is prompt, dedicated, knowledgeable about plants, creative and extremely hard-working. He is a kind and patient person who always gave us as much time as we needed and has stayed in touch with us after the project was finished. We are confident that our large backyard project will continue to look beautiful in the coming years because Kevin offers support even after the job is done. His prices are reasonable and we feel that he has provided excellent value for the money we spent."


-Lynne & Howard Vallone

The Hymen Project

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The Rosen Project

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The Milbourne Project

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The Chen Project

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"When I moved into my new home, I knew that there was so much potential for a beautiful yard, but I was overwhelmed by the overgrown growth, weeds, and poor design. I knew that I wanted to improve the yard and add many flowers that I loved, but I didn't have the time or willingness to go through all the effort. I was also working with some unusual obstacles/opportunities - the previous owners had an out-of-use dog kennel and an overgrown circular stone-edged garden bed.


Enter Kevin Price and Rooted Landscaping! It was such a pleasure to work with Rooted Landscaping. In the planning process, Kevin listened to my ideas, educated and informed on what would or would not work and why, offered so many smart ideas of his own, and was generally just such a thoughtful and pleasant person to bounce ideas off of.


I can't emphasize enough how pleased I am that so many existing plants (azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons) that were languishing in a poor setup were saved and transplanted to better locations where they're flourishing. The circular garden bed has been transformed into a wonderful showpiece with a hydrangea atop it all. I'm also eagerly waiting for the wisteria to cover the converted trellis that used to be the kennel area but will become a relaxing, wonderful reading porch.


Best of all, since I have a full professional life, I am so pleased that the plantings are low maintenance, mainly perennial, and that my main involvement is running the soaker hose as needed. I plan to continue using Rooted Landscaping for any future plantings and highly recommend their work to anyone!"


-Yvonne Chen

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