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Creative, living designs in conversation with land


Our concern is relationships-- relationships between the landscapes we cultivate and their ecosystem, the relationships between the people we work with and the land they live on, and our relationship to the people we work with. We work to foster mutually beneficial relationships in all three areas as opposed to merely being concerned with installing cosmetic landscapes for profit.


Rooted Landscaping was created to to fill a void left by a landscaping industry which imposes chemicals and water waste to support artificial landscapes that require constant maintenance. We know plants, soil, habitats, and design and we want to work with you to create a yard that is reflective of your style and needs. Our job is to work with you to translate your ideas or needs into roots, flowers, and soil.


In our decade experience of landscape design and installation, we've learned that people know what they like. Returning home each day greeted by a blooming hydrangea lifts spirits. Having a kitchen herb garden facilitates simple, delicious meals. Rain barrels are environmentally sustainable, but also cut water costs. Having a compost system developed on your property creates free rich, lush soil.


Our work is to be both proficient in the vast array of landscaping techniques and tendencies, aware of plants, and to get to know both our customers and their property. Together, we can assess the quality of light, water, and other factors that will affect the living designs composing any landscape. Our goal is to reflect our customer's inclinations, serve their lifestyle, and enrich their environment.

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